I am Rusty Bourgoin, the webmaster around these here parts, and I consider this my place in the cyberverse! I came onto this planet on January 30, 1949, in the portal of Stutgart Germany. My father was in the army, and my mother was a german warbride. We were allowed to come to America in August of 1949, back when I was eight months old and knee high to a grasshopper. My dad was recalled back into the army and sent to Korea, that happy little police action, where he was captured prisoner for thirty-two months. During his absence, I completely lost my sight. I was mainstreamed through the school system where I grew up, in Waterville, Maine. I went to Tufts University, from which I graduated in 1972. I've worked for the Social Security Administration for five years, and then for seventeen and a half years at the phone company as a programmer. I was downsized in August of 2001, after having taught an Indian my job, to whom it was outsourced. Being blind, sound has always been very important to me. I have always been into music, recording, playing, listening. That's why I put this little cyber spot together and am growing it. Come back again soon! Last updated: Thursday, March 19, 2009