Revive The Sounds

I bet somewhere at home you still have those piles of vinyl, those boxes of cassettes, 8tracks or reel-to-reel tapes! Those tunes that bring back special memories. You?ve looked near and far but not all are available on cd. What are you to do? Let the sound zone convert those LPs and cassettes for you. The Sound Zone can take those 33s and 45s and recreate them for you on cd in the best quality possible. Do you have cd's, albums or cassettes that you'd like to put on your IPod or other mp3 player? No problem for The Sound Zone! Here is a snippet from a tune that was once a track on an lp. and is now an mp3. click here Pricing: LPS???.$15.00 45S???.$15.00 FOR A GROUP OF 10 Cassetttes.......... Prerecorded $15.00 home made $20.00 Bulk rate: 5% off the total charge for every five LP's or cassettes.

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Last updated: April 13, 2007