I've always found the sounds of wind chimes to be soothing, relaxing, reminding me of swinging in a hammock in Tampa, Florida. I've collected many different wind chime songs and put them in a cd, 8 different ten minute segments. Your listening to one right now. I'll have samples of all to download soon, and my cd will be available for $8.00. Come back later to buy your copy and to listen to samples. You'll really love the relaxing atmosphere provided by this unique relaxation cd. Click on the sample you'd like to hear!
  1. Tiny Tubular Bells in a Light Breeze
  2. Larger Bells In a Moderate Breeze
  3. Large Bamboos In a Light Breeze
  4. Tiny Butterflies In a Light Breeze
  5. Dolcimer In a Light Breeze
  6. Very Large Tubular Bells In a Light Zepher
  7. Little Bells In a Light Zepher
  8. Little Crystals In a Light Breeze